The Perfect Proposal

Popping the question?

Wondering where to take them and how to make it memorable?

Worried about finding the perfect moment?

Asking your partner to marry you can be a daunting task!

I’m here to help you create incredible memories, take some of the stress out of planning, and make it an amazing experience that you’ll be able to look back on (and show off to your friends & family) for years to come.

I’ll help:
☞Choose a beautiful location for where you’ll pop the question based on your personalities.
☞Create a theme/style for your proposal
☞Come up with an elaborate scheme to keep it a secret from your partner.
☞Create gorgeous photos for you to look back on.

So all you’ll have to do is say those four (very big) words… ”Will you marry me?”

If…. you want to make the moment you get down on one knee incredible, AND have memories that will make your partner (soon-to-be fiancé) so happy and proud to be calling you their fiancé. Be sure to call me now on 021 114 1544, or fill in the form below for more deets.