To Meet You!

“Let’s Laugh, Have Fun, & Go On An Adventure”

Hi, I'm Amy, it's nice to meet you!

I'm an international wedding photographer and I photograph weddings across New Zealand, South Africa, and World Wide. 

I'm a kiwi born and bred, but like most kiwi's with itchy feet, I headed overseas at 21 and somehow found myself living in Johannesburg, South Africa for eight years! There I grew a succesful wedding photography business, which took me into the most interesting cultures and exotic destinations to photograph weddings!

You name the culture- I've probably photographed it! Sometimes I'd find myself hanging out of helicopters to get the perfect shot (I'd still do that), inside some incredibly beautiful properties photographing famous faces, by lakes where (maybe) the crocodiles were, and even in dirt floor townships- where they would slaughter a goat as part of the wedding celebration! It was a wild & incredible adventure, where I learnt so much about love, different cultures, and people on all walks of life! Now, I roll around in my little mini where ever weddings take me. Usually around Tauranga, Auckland & Hamilton, and sometimes back to South Africa & overseas (Sweden is next year- and I can't wait).

I'm obsessed with helping people to feel comfortable and at ease! It's one of my secret weapons and greatest skills! People are my passion. I will help you to break down any anxious walls, so that you can just be yourself, relax and have fun.

I'm all about having an amazing time, and I'll bring that energy to your wedding day! I'll get amongst the action on the dance floor, get you laughing and take you on an EPIC adventure to find the best locations and get the most stunning images of your big day! Make sure you pack your flat shoes ladies! :-)